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The Marysville Chinese Community is very happy to announce that we have started a yearlong internship with California State University of San Jose’s Department of Anthropology. Two graduate level students will be helping to identify 500 artifacts that date as far back as the mid 1800s during the early colonization of Chinese immigrants in Marysville.

This is a project the Marysville Chinese Community has wanted to do for many years and now with the help of this internship is finally given the opportunity to do so. It is our wish that after these artifacts are identified we can begin constructing a museum, located within the Bok Kai Temple for these pieces to be showcased and viewed by the public.

A Kickstarter was launched in March of 2016 to help raise funds for the construction of this museum. It was successfully funded March 31st.

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About the Bok Kai Temple Museum Project

Micheal Boero, Robert Gelb & Marco Meniketti
San Jose State University Anthropology Department

Some Pictures from our findings so far

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Bok Kai Temple

Museum Curator Julie Stark

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Our Kickstarter Campaign was a big success thanks to all of our donors. Through their support and generosity we were able to raise $23,000 through Kickstarter and roughly another $24,000 through private donors.

We are now in the process of going through steps to make sure the two rooms within the temple are ready for the museum. San Jose State University is working hard to identify all 500 of our artifacts and their purpose.

It's our goal to have the museum open by Spring 2018. 

Bill Bradley & Janet Soule

Our Kickstarter Campaign was a success!